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You don't know her,
but she knows everything about you.
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Stargate Atlantis
For those who doesn't know smallfandomfest is a fest for small fandoms that run twice a year. Thoughtcrimes, our little corner of fandom, is eligible. :)

So far there are a handful of prompts for Thoughtcrimes, but most of them are crossovers with other small fandoms and made by Hewligan fans. So in an attempt to get a little diversity in this fandom, go over there and leave some prompts, and then claim something when claiming opens. :)

The info on how to submit prompts is here.

The Schedule:
May 1 - May 21: Prompt Submission Period
May 23: Prompts Available for Claiming & Posting Period Opens
May 23 - July 31: Posting Period
July 31: Final Day of Posting Period
31st-Oct-2008 01:13 pm(no subject)

i just discovered this community and it is making me all kinds of gleeful. i come bearing fic to add to the fandom pile.

Title: Bright Coppper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens
Pairing: Freya/Brendan
Rating: R? Probably lower.
Words: 1400~
Feedback: Sure. :)

( this doesn't, actually, have anything to do with kettles. or mittens. )
25th-Oct-2008 11:51 pm - First time post.
Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Have been spending my time over at all the SGA sites.

I love Thoughtcrimes. I saw it on YouTube. Have been trying to get the DVD, but can only find in for Region 2. (Bwah!)  I really like Joe Flanigan and have tried to get all the stuff he's appeared in, according to Wikipedia I'm still missing some episodes of different things. I especially wanted Providence.

Enough with the chatter. Talk and Read you later.....k
21st-Feb-2008 06:07 am(no subject)
books books books

Lurker and first time poster - I recently discovered Thoughtcrimes thanks to a friend, and...fell in love. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew where I'd be able to find a transcript and/or screencaps.

30th-Nov-2007 09:35 pm - Question - HELP
TWW Just Donna
I am guessing that we don't but do we know where Freya lives?

And if not could someone give me some names of suburbs that I could use? I might be asking a lot be it would be great if it was close to Central Park!

I'm not sure if that is possible, but I'm not from the US and I know little about New York.
27th-Nov-2007 04:53 pm - The Little Things
john shh
Summary: We all have little things that make us happy, right? Freya finds out Brendan’s indulgence. Written for matterothemind challenge #13: Secret Indulgences.

Warning: So this turned out a bit fluffier than I had intended... sorry 'bout that! LOL

The Little Things
Thoughtcrimes GIF
This is my first Thoughtcrimes video, I hope you enjoy.

I hope it's okay to post this here.
SO sorry you guys. But drabbles are hard and when they ran over by a bunch, I left to take a break...and kind of forgot about them. It was all Amelia's fault, really... Her prompt wasn't prompting properly. But I finally got them done.

drabbles this way...Collapse )
john shh
Woot! I wanted to wrap this up in this chapter, but there were too many loose ends. So there will be a chapter 12. Thanks everyone for the R&R, and for still reading.

BTW, please forgive any errors in medical stuff.

Chapter ElevenCollapse )
13th-Aug-2007 07:48 am - Fic: In Our Silence (Freya/Brendan)
[tc] freya/brendan
Title: In Our Silence
Author: river_soul
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Shades of Freya/Brendan
Summary: He disapproves and she knows this even if he never says it. There’s a lot of things like that between them.
Authors Note: For seramercury who wanted Freya and Brendan's first kiss.

(In Our Silence)
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